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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? Chances are we've been asked your question before. Below is a list of those questions we frequently get asked. Who know's maybe you'll find your answer below and not have to making a call or sending us an email.

Your pump need AC power or DC power?

Both AC power and DC power is available, we advise you use the DC power at day and AC power at night,if you need water all  day .  

Do I need a water storage tank?

Storing water in a cistern or tank has many advantages. It's less expensive and more efficient than storing power in batteries. Since water is always a critical issue, we recommend the tank should be able to store a minimum 3 to 6 days worth of water or whatever you think your needs may be during cloudy weather or in case of a system failure. Generally speaking, animals, plants and humans use less water on cloudy days. Conversely, the sunniest days are when we consume the most water and when the solar modules are providing the pump with the most power.

Should I use batteries in my solar pumping system?

While batteries may seem like a good idea, they have a number of disadvantages in pumping systems. First, they reduce the efficiency of the overall system. Second, they are another source of problems and maintenance. Third, they add cost to the system. 

How many meters i should set the pump below the water level?

we advice  set the pump below the water level 10 meters will be better for the pump safe, because the water level will down the nomal level when the pump working . 

Which is better, storing power or storing water?

Almost always you should store water and not power when possible and you will have much better performance and reliability with your solar pumping system. However there are cases where we recommend batteries in solar pumping systems, as in home pressure systems when you need a booster pump to maintain system pressures at night and in cases were it is more cost effective. For example, if a home power system using batteries already exists and you need to pump water out of a well and into a pressure system, then connecting to your existing battery bank could be more cost effective.

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